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Free shipping - Align your skin with Ayurvanna


    What oil should I start with?

    We recommend starting with the everything oil, just as the name suggests this can be used to moisturise the skin from head to toe (of course avoiding the eyes). The ultimate accompaniment. If oil isn't your preferred, try our Plant'logenetic Beauty Stick, our new must have product.

    What should I do if I am multiple dosha types after taking the online quiz?

    Although we are comprised of all usually with a dominant Dosha, its possible to be a combination. This simply means that you can mix two of the oils together for the properties of both.

    Can the Ayurvedic Oils be used by anyone?

    Yes, our online quiz was created to make finding you dosha type simple. Our ayurvedic oils are designed for home and salon treatment use, giving access to our ritual treatments in a professional space or the comfort of your own home.

    Do you test on animals?

    No animals are ever harmed at Ayurvanna, we test only on humans (our team, family and friends actually) evolving our formulations to ensure they are perfect. Our products are made of 100% plant derivates that are as close to the source as possible, with no added chemicals or toxins so we have no need to worry about adverse chemical side effects and possible carcinogenic exposure.

    Are your products Vegan?

    All of our products are vegan with the exception of the Plant'logenetic beauty stick which contains natural bees wax and the Skin Toffee healing mask which contains organic NZ manuka honey.

    Where do you source your ingredients from?

    We source all of our ingredients from organic certified New Zealand suppliers who source locally and beyond, ensuring our quality and accountability standards are met.

    Do you have a store?

    While our online store is your one stop shop for everything Ayurvanna, we have select retailers and pop ups occasionally. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter or follow on instagram for updates.

    Im not sure where to start, can I arrange a consultation?

    Of course, we offer consultations by email, phone and zoom to assess your current beauty routine, concerns, undertake face mapping and assist with the selection of products. Go to our contact page, we'd love to hear from you and a consultant will be in touch to arrange a complimentary appointment.