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    I'm so sorry a open letter to my skin... 

     I didn’t love you, even though I should have, I should of loved the cute freckles you gave me on my nose as a little girl, then to my horror spread out to my cheeks instead I didn’t want to go to school. 

     I should have been in complete owe of you when you healed without a scar after boiling water burnt you or after all the times the sun burnt you.

     I covered you in layers of makeup as a teen, - I hated you for displaying my youth and hormones, I soaked you in astringent and scrubbed you until you bleed, I squeezed and poked you.  

    Coming into my twenties didn’t get any better for you, - then the acids burned you! soon as I heard of a new abrasive skin treatment you become a victim, raw skin after dermabrasions (aka metal sandpaper tearing you apart), -in the hope of glowy skin.. 

    you are so strong you just kept healing for me, even in the darkest hours when we slept all you needed was some clarity and space to regenerate. I didn’t even hold that space for you! Instead, I drenched you in overnight creams & potions... 

     Through my beautiful pregnancies you held up my babies I’m sorry I never seen the good, instead I panicked of any stretch marks instead of marvelling in your beauty. 

    On the daily I scrubbed away your eco system... every time you grew it back for my skins own protection im so sorry , I washed it away down the drain again. 

     When I started getting blemishes on my chin, and inflammation on my cheeks you were just trying to tell me something, like my own guardian angel protecting me, - a natural skin function sending me messages when something was out of balance, instead of listening, I silenced you & found cover up solutions...  

    You were always there sending me messages, telling me that something within was out-of-balance and the outside was tired of the chemical’s and harsh treatments. 

     Im so sorry I didn’t give you space, I’m so sorry I didn’t hear you...  and im so thankful you didnt give up on me... 

    I should of supported you with gut friendly foods, I should of let you breath & heal, I should of feed your microbiome with plant based balanced serums & I never ever should of broken the microbiome with harsh exfoliators.... 

    Now I know better,.... your been nothing but calm beautiful perfect.. you always were... You carried me through my whole life...

    I love you and thank you. 

    Thanks for reading my skin confessions,  i hope you can relate to some of my story.  You too can change your skins journey, you can align your skin again..   

    Where to begin you may be thinking..

     It’s so simple...  

    # Start by having a look at our  SKIN REHAB which gives you the to start an amazing in a skin food journey and then research for yourself, find connections with food & your skin with a skin journal, find the connection between food vs skin symtoms, ( recently i went dairy free for a month, i can not believe the serious skin changes that began almost immediately).

    #Stop breaking your skins precious microbes with harsh exfoliators, and acids that burn it off! We have become a society of treating our facial skin like its a bench top we eat off! Over cleansing and killing of natural good important bacteria, we aren't going to eat off our faces, so its time to stop sanitising our complexions.   

    #Let your skin breath while you sleep -no need for anything but a clean face before bed, let your skin heal and regenerate between the hours of 12 a.m and 4 a.musing products on your skin in these vital hours can stop the cells doing their natural process of healing.  

    #Massage your skin every day to ensure healthy blood flow & increase  

    #Avoid sun exposure! thereś people out there spending fortunes on skincare and not even applying a good sunscreen or hat! Waste of time & aging the skin. 

    # Align your skin, skin toffee healing face mask is a great way to begin your skin journey  

    Skin Toffee Healing face mask is formulated with high UDF Organic New Zealand Manuka honey to rehydrate, reduce redness and help rebalance and strengthen the skin’s natural protective layer which can often be broken down by stress, pollution and diet. It is formulated with a blend of active superfoods, hyaluronic acid and skin balancing technology. Helps to revitalise the skins elasticity, radiance and texture.  

    Cutting edge Microbiome re-balancing technology: balances the skins microbiome, assisting to protect and relieve signs of stress. Natural enzymes help to dissolve dead skin cells taking your skin back to a natural calm state . 

    try our SKIN TOFFEE with our " IM SORRY SPECIAL" for a special price 

    # Feed your skins flora with Facial Nectar, - active plant based, sea marine face nectar. Nourishing active plant phitos deeply revitalise the skin. Infused with Buckthorn & Prickly Pear oil to encourage a visibly youthful and dewy complexion without overloading the skin with unnecessary ingredients or any that disturb the skins natural skin eco system. 

    try our FACIAL NECTAR with our special "IM SORRY" special price 


    We developed all our formulas to encourage the skins natural ability to heal and never disturbing the skins important natural flora diversity. 

    Personal care product effects last for weeks on our skins surface and can produce highly individualized responses, including alterations in steroid and pheromone levels and in bacterial and archaeal ecosystem structure and dynamics, - when you use any Ayurvanna products you can be assured they are non -toxic, chemical free. 

    #Slow beauty become part of our slow beauty  tribe , - dont look for cover up solutions, - Ayurvanna's manufacturing process ensure the quality and integrity of all the ingredients that go into our products we are one of the very few comapines who don’t outsource their manufacturing process! 

     Rythmically processed from the botanicals hand-picked by our own garden. 


    (Some of our raw ingredients is sourced from NZ owned organic compaines when we haven’t yet cultivated them in our gardens).  


    Made in small batches we ensure sustainability of the ingredients. 

    Depending on the formulation, we mix the plant extracts, essences and tinctures with high-quality waxes and oils to produce ready-to-use products.. 

     Each & every bottle is created with intention through picking the Botanicals & flowers ourselves, giving beautiful warm in energy throughout the manufacturing process.  

    It’s all about flooding the skin with nutrients. 

    We encourage you to Massage, stimulate circulate the skin, promote lymphatic drainage, and gently warm the skin, so that each product can penetrate deeply and target specific.  

      We have zero chemicals , synthetic fragrances, dyes or preservatives...  

    Say sorry to your skin today, create a new narrative of skin love and knowledge...