Blend all ingredients below into your tea infuser..

1 teaspoon of Maca Powder – ensure its Maca that's had the traditional Peru 12 year drying system, known for its unique healing properties.

💛Dandelion flowers - Boosting the immune system

There is growing evidence that suggests that dandelions can help boost the immune system.

🐝1 teaspoon of New Zealand Manuka Honey - A 2016 paper showed exactly why Manuka Honey may be important for your immune system – not only does it have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, some research has suggested it may also have antiviral effects and might even help protect your body from flu

🍃Handful of Kawakawa leaves - In traditional Maori medicine Kawakawa is thought to be a tonic for overall health with mild cleansing properties, its therapeutic actions supporting many ailments including digestive, circulatory and rheumatic complaints, supporting a healthy immune response

🍋Lemon slice - It's a good source of vitamin C

Place all the herbs & flowers into a tea infuser, leave to soak for around 5 minutes In boiling water.

Drink daily. 👁️Please share this immunity tea around, or make a brew and give to some elderly, family, sharing is caring...



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