Sacred Plant

Ayurvanna takes you on an ancient journey with the new Sacred Plant Collection.

The origin of the word cosmetic comes from the greek word ‘Kosmetikos’ meaning the awareness of harmony, organisation and tranquility. What the cosmetic industry stands for today is far from the origin and meaning. Ayurvanna connects you back to nature using ingredients found affluent in their natural environment, organically grown and processed using centuries old techniques. Ayurvanna has bottled the sacred ingredients that nature has gifted us.

The Sacred Plant Skincare Collection contains ingredients studied for centuries and standing the test of time. Even in modern times many of these ingredients are still the premium above all others with proven scientific results. Ayurvanna has sourced only the finest of ingredients:

Activated Maca processed using traditional Incan methods to unlock the health and beauty secrets within, healing the skin, reducing signs of ageing caused by environmental factors and skin inflammation.

Moroccan Prickly Pear Oil contains the highest amount of Vitamin E & C compared to any other skin oil. Renewing the skin, significantly reducing hyperpigmentation and evening the skin tone.

Green tea extract used by the geishas for centuries for its beauty properties. Boosts collagen levels and firms the skin.

It's this powerhouse of traditional ingredients and the super root of Maca that are an industry first. Why use anything else on your skin when you can use what nature has provided. 

Ancient botanicals with green active plant extracts like super spirulina and Peruvian Maca date back millenia, heralding from the gods. Maca is the most sacred plant of Junin, Peru with over 2000 years of traditional practice as a medicine for healing. Following ancient traditions of maca preparation and sacred ceremonies to ensure the maca has medicinal and healing properties, it is scientifically analysed and every batch is standardised to create premium activated maca. Please visit - for more information and to see how they are giving back to the community.

Your natural beauty and well-being deserves to be treated in the same way, basking your skin in the same beauty rituals embraced by Aphrodite, Lei-tzu and Cleopatra. An essence of past, present and future used by some of the most iconic and beautiful woman in history, Ayurvanna takes you on a journey, crossing cultures and time in the creation of Sacred Plant.

Surrender yourself to the ancient oil that is Sacred Plant. 

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