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    Everything Oil for the Avid Traveller

    Everything Oil for the Avid Traveller

    Travelling has become an almost routine activity for millions, but are we caring for our skin on these journeys?

    On a recent 35 hour, 3 flight work trip to Paris from New Zealand, I knew my skin would undergo outbreaks and over oiliness. I was looking forward to using the Everything Oil that I had been using daily for a month at this point and was seeing outstanding results in hydrating my skin. I started my journey at home by massaging the Everything Oil into my face and body right after light towel drying following my shower, the second step was spritzing the Activated Rose Water which remained with me for the entire journey to ensure my skin remained hydrated and refreshed at a moments notice. This was my test flight for the Everything Oil, what would the state of my skin be during and after this journey?

    I have always had to tolerate excessively oily skin, whiteheads and breakouts during flights due to the unbalanced production of oil that controlled environments promote, even a short flight from Melbourne to Sydney can wreak havoc on my skin. I put up with it as an expected side effect of travelling thinking there wasn't much i could do.

    Like me, I don't think a lot of people understand the properties of using plant based oils to rectify and reduce over production of sebum. It sounds counter productive to add oil to oil prone skin right? I previously refused to add extra oil in fear it would contribute further to my skins oil prone nature. This logic failed me but we can only do our best until we know better. One key thing I've learnt by using the Everything Oil and discussing my experience with Kym is that the protective quality of the oils work as a barrier against environmental pollutants, also aiding in the rest and recovery of my skin.

    So after the journey, what's my recommendation? I will never travel again without ensuring my skin is protected. There's nothing better than arriving hydrated and nourished and knowing you've done the best by your skin. Now its time to shower, reapply the Everything Oil, put on my robe and climb into these crisp hotel sheets.


    My skin 26 hours into the journey

    More than 35 hours later I've arrived in Paris (exhausted mind and body but my skin looks good)

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