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Free shipping - Align your skin with Ayurvanna

    Plants are our Future

    An antidote to the frenetic pace of modern life, Ayurvanna offers a guide to plant skincare solutions, and also as a source of self-care, vitality and wellness.

     An evolution of the high potent plant Botanicals shared with the Lush forests of New Zealand. 

    Plants are our past. Plants are our future.

    We are diminished if we can't celebrate plants, properly understand their powers and harness their energy to heal ourselves & skin. 

    Ayurvanna formula's are a exploration of the plant world  a modern presentation of an ancient craft plant therapeutics.

    This is plant based skincare's time to rise and become the main stream, diminishing toxin skincare once and for all! 

    Why is the skin microbiome important?
    The skin supports a diverse community of microorganisms that train and support the immune system, and fend off pathogenic threats.
    Your skin microbiome (also called skin microbiotais an ecosystem of bacteria on the skin's surface. It works to guard you against pathogens that could affect your skin and overall health. When your microbiome is balanced, your skin looks and feels healthy.
    Use of toxin skincare products on a regular basis , their effects on molecular and microbial diversity of the skin are alarming. 
    We developed all our formulas to encourage the skins natural ability to heal and never disturbing the skins important natural flora diversity.
    Personal care product effects last for weeks on our skins surface and can produce highly individualized responses, including alterations in steroid and pheromone levels and in bacterial and archaeal ecosystem structure and dynamics, - when you use any Ayurvanna products you can be assured they are non -toxic, chemical free.