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    Bucalla'lymthmatic facial massage

    Bucalla'lymthmatic facial massage

    Have you ever heard of buccal massage? The term (derived from the latin word bucca, for cheek) is as equally exotic as the technique, which involves massaging muscles deep inside the cheek and jaw area to release tension, improve circulation, and, of course, promote youthful looking skin.

    Regarded as a facelift alternative without going under the knife,  Bucallalymthmatic massage is currently practiced by only a handful of facialists in New Zealand, founder of Ayurvanna Kym has been performing these facials for many years.

    "I felt that facialists were missing the mark with buccal massage, so I wanted to create my own holistic intuitive version that used much deeper pressure point and lymphatic-based massage movements," - creating  Bucallalymthmatic TM

    The result? An even more relaxed face that rests in a more lifted position (hence, the face-lift effect), which can last up to three days, and even longer, this type of facial also contours the face, including the cheekbones and jawline. This is easily the most divine part of the facial.  Bucallalymthmatic Massage requires the therpaist to wear a glove and massage inside the mouth which realses the musesls and tensions around the jaw, and all facial points, - giving the client a feel of weightlessness around the head and stress-free feeling.

    After the facial your skin will feel absolutely divine with a dewy glow to it, the cheeks and face will become more contoured.

    To book in for one of these holistic Massages with Kym, contact us. Kym works in a variety of locations around Australia and New Zealand & please get in contact to be provded with what salons have had her Bucallalymthmatic TM training 

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