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    Cleansing our crystals in Lake Wakatipu

    Cleansing our crystals in Lake Wakatipu

    Crystals are tools that I use in my daily self care practice and maybe you do too. From the Moonstone ring on my finger to the Amethyst I keep under my pillow, to the Hematite in my pocket to the Moldavia pendant around my neck. Crystals are a huge part of my life and I feel deeply connected and inspired by connecting with them daily.


    Making sure your crystals are in top shape for healing is as simple as the ritual I am going to share with you. When the moon is full she is at her brightest making it the most powerful time to cleanse and renew your beauties. Crystals will hold energy they take in from you and their environment so it’s a good idea to purify them with the energy of each full moon, I will explain the how’s in a moment….

    But have you ever wondered how crystals work? Well, I’m writing this to explain my understanding of what crystals are, what their power is, and why crystals are significant at all. Crystals are an expressed form of a really basic, but really perfect, balanced form of consciousness, belonging to the mineral realm of the Earth. Just as we humans, are expressions of our own human consciousness, and plants and trees are also an expression of a slightly different, but no less living form of consciousness, we are all existing and alive on planet Earth at the moment. How amazing!

    We manifest physically: we have bodies, but we also exist on other, etheric levels – we have our thoughts and feelings and a spiritual existence, which science can’t really categorize, but we know is true. To go a little deeper, we have collectively manifested ourselves. No one else did it for us. It’s ancestral, it’s genetic, most of the process we don’t feel we are controlling, but we are constantly manifesting every single aspect of our bodies, our realities, and ourselves through our consciousness!

    Plants do the same, they manifest themselves, from seed to maturity, creating their ‘bodies’ according to their genetics and situational variants. And so do crystals! We don’t easily perceive crystals as growing, as their timeframe for change is so much more enormously vast than our own, but they are very much alive. They are manifesting themselves, through their own form of consciousness.

    All living things have an  electromagnetic field (EMF) radiating out from them which interacts with the EMF of other living things, or non living things, like electrical appliances. It is the nature of life, as we know it, to expand, grow, and increase its awareness, so when we are in the presence of someone or something that is vibrating on a higher frequency than we are, our EMF wants to ‘catch up’. Our own frequency will self-adjust, which will then slightly affect our level of consciousness. We may feel better, gain some knowledge, be healthier, or the change may go unnoticed.

    When we are in the presence of a crystal, formed absolutely, pristinely, intentionally and perfectly from a consciousness equally as perfect, its EMF emits that vibration, and that’s what will interact with, and affect our own. To put it simply when we are around crystals, they lift our vibration. When we consciously interact with crystals they really lift our vibration! Each different type of crystal emits its own frequency and there are countless variants. They can affect different forms of illness within the physical and emotional bodies, energize or soothe specific chakra energies and enhance mental and even spiritual understanding.

    Today we arrived in Queenstown and decided what a better place than to charge our crystals and all the skin care we brought with us.


    Don't forget that you can still order any of the skin care online and it will be sent immediately.. 

    Now the ritual.. 

    physically clean your crystals with with water. You can do this an any manner. Let them soak together in a bowl of water or rinse them under the faucet. If you live near a body of water I highly recommend taking them to the nearest lake, river or stream and washing them there. Think about how much better you feel after a warm relaxing bath. We’re just like our crystals, in order to function at our optimal vibration we need to take care ourselves consistently.

    After washing and drying your crystals set them out on the earth for their full moon bath. If you are unable to place them directly on the ground, any natural surface will work. I have often placed them in a basket and set them out of the front porch, used my window sill or the patio table. Any one will do! Leave them out under the moon light and out until the morning. In the morning pull in many of your crystals like Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, and Smoky Quartz for example. They will fade in direct sunlight so I charge my crystals just for the initial sunrise and then pull them back inside.

    The next phase it my favorite and the most important! It’s even more important than naming what we wanted to release initially. Once your have all of your crystals back inside charge them with your intentions. Charging crystals with your energy helps them stay focused. You can charge all of your crystals at once by imagining them soaked in healing energy or a bright white light. To program a crystal for specific use or with specific energies, sit quietly away from distractions or strong electrical devices and external energies, then hold the crystal in front of you, clear your mind and focus on the stone. Concentrate on the specific energy that you wish to program the crystal with, and ‘transmit’ the energies and thoughts from your mind directly to the stone.

    Be clear and direct when doing this and don’t try to confuse or overload the crystal with different thoughts and energies. Do this until you feel happy that the required thoughts and energies have been transmitted to the stone. They can also be charged individually or in groups. It’s really up to you, there is no right or wrong way to charge them, let your intuition be your guide. Once they are charged it’s best to not let others handle them (unless you are charging specifically for others) as they will absorb the energy of other people.

    I like to close the cleansing and charging ritual with thank you prayers. A simple thank you to Mother Earth for the ways she supports our life and a humble bow to the crystals for all of the work that they do. Acknowledging all of the elements that came together to make these healing tools seals in their healing vibrations and reminds us to stay focused on what matters most to our hearts.

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