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    Day 2 waning moon & Buddist tea

    Day 2 waning moon & Buddist tea

    Today we decided to spend the morning drinking chi tea and looked around at an amazing buddist cafe we found called Fo Guang Buddist temple, after we relaxed in the sun, found a post shop and send the latest orders out, we really love to be connected to our customers, we decided to bring a few boxes of the skincare to not only do pop ups, but why not ensure all the bottles soak up with rewild energy & we can post them as we go, we are so thankful for the orders coming in! 

    After we spent the day in Christchurch we drove to Lake Tekpo, on arrival it was so cold but so refreshing, we are excited to wakeup in the morning & see the lake and surroundings as we arrived in the dark. We decided to do Warning Moon ritual lastnight before we went to sleep, between the time of the full moon and new moon, the moon gradually returns back to darkness, with the energy surrounding it becoming more still and reflective.

    Just as there is a time to plan, act, and celebrate, now is the time to rest, release, and make space.

    During the waning moon, we can begin to slow down, reflect on all we’ve learned in the last few weeks, keep what we want that came to us and let go of what’s holding us back.

    The waning moon is traditionally a good time to work on things you want to release: illness, negative people or situations, emotions you want to heal and release. It’s a time of taking care of yourself, acknowledging everything you’ve accomplished and worked on during this cycle. Just like soil needs time to replenish before planting new seeds, so do you. An overworked field doesn’t produce a quality harvest. If you constantly try to act, act, act…you’re going to burn out. 

    The waning moon reminds us that it’s necessary to slow down, take stock, clear clutter, and make space for the new cycle.

    Here’s our waning moon ritual for letting go and making space, which I hope gives you some ideas and inspiration for own.

    Clean House

    The waning moon is all about clearing to make space for the new. This is a great time to clear the clutter and cobwebs in your home so that energy is able to flow and bring clarity to your mind.

    If you haven’t decluttered in awhile, the first few cycles of doing this might be a bit of work, but it will so be worth it. You can instantly feel the difference when you walk into a decluttered space; it just feels lighter and inviting, since Ayurvanna is living in a motorhome for the rewilding exibition today we cleaned out space. 

    Once you’re done with your waning moon cleaning, open or crack a few windows and go through your home with palo santo or some sage and energetically clear all the corners from stagnant negative energy that accumulated over the past lunar cycle.

    Set up sacred space

    For any ritual I like to sit in my mediation and first start by grounding myself. I do this by lighting incense and usually sage I then take several deep breaths to help calm my body and become present.  

    If you have any essential oil sprays or roll ons, use those to help ground yourself as well.

    I love using Everything elixar which would be perfect for the waning moon and full moon as well. I rub the oil on my wrists, pulse points on my neck, and over my heart as well.

    Candles or some other soft lighting is always something I like to incorporate. If you have crystals, some good ones to bring forward would be Lapis Lazuli to help with reflection and clarity,  Angelite to restore tranquility, or Lepidolite to eliminate stress and anxiety, as well as assist in making positive life changes. I always bring a bag of crystals with me on every trip i feel like i use them everyday for something, do you take your crystals with you?

    Acknowledge what was brought forward

    It’s helpful to first reflect on everything that was brought forth this moon cycle. Like bringing in a harvest from the field, you need to sort through it all and decide on what you’re keeping.

    Think about what you learned and what good things manifested. Your intention doesn’t have to completely manifest within a moon cycle, usually it happens in stages. 

    Think about all you accomplished and what went well. Acknowledgement and appreciation of these things will aid in more manifestations as you go into the next moon cycle.

    Acknowledge yourself and the Universe for what was manifested this cycle!

     Let go

    Think about your intention. You probably want it so bad and have a timeline set up in your mind on how everything will need to unfold for it to happen. But here’s what I want you to remember: the Universe can make it happen in any way it sees best.

    Your job isn’t to worry about how it will happen; your job is to visualize your intention in it’s end state, feeling with every beautiful fiber in your body how it will feel once it’s manifested, and let the Universe take care of the rest. 

    6. Reflect and make space

    As the moon grows darker each night, turn more inwards yourself. Rest and reflect back on this past cycle. Is there anything you’d like to do differently? Is there anything you’d like to have ready to aid you in the next cycle?

    Lay low this week, making space emotionally and physically for the next lunar cycle, allowing yourself and your mind to rest. The clearer your space and mind, the more ready you’ll be when the new moon arrives.

    well thats about it for today ! see you tmrw guys! 

    much luv the Ayurvanna team

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