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    Hand sanitiser drying your skin?

    Hand sanitiser drying your skin?

    The skin serves an important function in protecting our bodies. With the surging demand for hand sanitiser, dryness, broken skin and irritation is now a common and wide spread issue. Alcohol based products have a reputation for causing much of this and are especially not advised to be used on the face to prevent premature ageing and damage to the skins natural hydration and oils, the hands are no different when it comes to dryness and ageing.Ā 

    During a time such as this and to help reduce the spread of covid-19, hand sanitiser has become an essential for trips to the supermarket, at work or just leaving the house. It's important that we are also taking care of our skin to prevent aggravating or causing the development of skin conditions such as dermatitis or cracking from dryness that could compromise this important barrier. When we are home we make sure to use soap and water instead of sanitiser to reduce alcohol exposure on the skin but use hand sanitiser as necessary when out of the house. To help we need to ensure we are restoring hydration, in our preference with chemical free products to assist our bodies immunity and protect the environment from residual accumulation.

    OurĀ recommendationĀ of course is theĀ Everything oil,Ā It's our trusted companion to restore our skin during this time and throughout the year, packing a powerful punch of 100% plant nutrients,Ā free of chemicals, preservatives and alcohol. ItĀ has long been tested and trusted by ourselves and our clients and loved for its unique blend and hydrating quality. We couldn't recommend it any more highly.

    Lastly, it's important we take care of ourselves and others during this time, ensuring we all stay strong inĀ mind, body and spirit. Stay safe.

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