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    Plants are our future holistic education 2021


     Plants are our past. Plants are our future.

    We are diminished if we can't celebrate plants, properly understand their powers and harness their energy to heal ourselves & our precious clients.

    Kyms exploration of the plant world a modern presentation of an ancient craft plant therapeutics ready to share with you in this in depth two day training experience. 

    In-depth learning experience run by founder of Ayurvanna Skincare Kymvana, this course will give you 20 years world travelled beauty experience! 

    Holistic all over treatments powdered by plants all condensed down to give you the absolute best holistic treatments to hand over to your clients. 

    The day will be led by internationally recognised Ayurvanna  Founder & trainer 
    Kymvana, who will emerse herself in your salon ready to educate empower you & staff taking your beauty holistic treatments to the next level, setting you and your salon apart from the rest. 

    Learn Ayurvedic philosophies, plant medical in skincare. 

    Unique massage techniques

    How to cultivate a unique healing space for your clients. 

    Facial yoga massage techniques

      Kym has worked around the world, her career has taken her to NYC, Los Angeles, working at exclusive salons all over Australia. Her mindfully curated course content is quite literally everything she has learned in her career all rolled in to her in-depth training days.


     Beauty professionals serious about continuing to grow, innovate & capitalise in an ever evolving industry.

    Salons looking too grow and capture more facial clients,  to gain more beauty clients, looking to growing their business.

    Ideal for therapist getting back into the industry after time off, or new businesses looking to find their uniqueness in the industry. 


    Your day will begin with facial treatment protocols, 

    skin nutrition, skin microbe lessons. Best practices as well as how to treat Skin disorders

     through nutrition. 

    We will work through our facial  & full body massage techiques ,

    step by step, - from how to apply holistic & Ayurvedic practices

    to looking deeper than skin deep.

    A nourishing morning tea & lunch is provided on the day to ensure each students mind, body has the right energy and balance . 

    Each student may require a model for a few hours on the second day of training. 


    • Incorporating holistic practices into your treatments

    • Holistic facial massage techniques

    • Refining your facial techniques - find out the key differences that make ours some of the best in the world

    • In-depth Skin Nutrition

    • Skin Disorders + Nutritional Solutions

    • Preparing your beauty therapy room and client preparation with crystals and standing techniques 

    • The 3 types of Ayurvedic body constitutions.  
    • Massage techniques for body functions 
    • Using Gua Sha

    • Why is the skin microbiome important & how to support your clients skin Micbrobe and skin flora.

    Special pre book before July 2021 and be given the Buccial facial massage training for free ! - A little about Buccial -

    The term (derived from the latin word bucca, for cheek) is as equally exotic as the technique, which involves massaging muscles deep inside the cheek and jaw area to release tension, improve circulation, and, of course, promote youthful looking skin.

    Regarded as a facelift alternative without going under the knife, bucallymthmatic TM massage is currently practiced by only a handful of facialists in New Zealand, founder of Ayurvanna Kym has been performing these facials for many years.  To read ore about 2021s most desired facial massage click here 


    • Two day in salon workshop $1200 inc GST Per Person north island only

    • Students can reserve their space by paying in full.

    • A Minumum of 2 pax for in-studio* 

       This course is NOT REFUNDABLE. All payments are final.


    For more information and To register your interest please email


    For group training experiences either in your clinic, virtual or in a larger space we will 

    mindfully create a bespoke training solution that suits your teams needs. 



    Kyms knowledge in the beauty industry is so in depth, my staff walked away with a abundance of knowledge and were excited too start working on their future careers with a holistic take on their treatments. 



    ¨ i was given a 1 day in home training experience by Kym to start the devolopment of my new home salon, i wanted to focus on Holistic plant based treatments, what i got out of those 8 hours has set me up for years to come with in depth modern techiques to share with my clients" thank you so much Kym! 

    — Jane Smith 


    wow! ¨to any aspiring Beauty or Skin Therapist wanting to extend their knowledge in treating the skin holistically you have found the perfect teacher

    Dion lotum | 



    Please note - March 1st - 27th is currently booked.