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    What is my Dosha?

    According to Ayurvedic traditions the body is made up of three Dosha (body types) being AVata (Space and Air), BPitta (Fire and Water), CKapha (Earth and Water). Each dosha is affected by the foods we eat, our lifestyle and natural born attributes.

    While all Dosha are present within the body and are positively or negatively affected by our choices of food, exercise and mindfulness, the first step to improvement is knowing your primary type and what works best for you.

    Being out of balance can have effects on weight loss and gain, sleep, memory and your overall wellbeing, so taking care to understand what is best for you and what to avoid is crucial in maintaining a balanced life.

    To assist with maintaining a balance in your mind, body and spirit, Ayurvanna has developed three specialists oils, each named after the body types to make it easy to match and balance your primary body type. We have also developed this online quiz to assist with finding out your primary body type and what oil is perfect for you.