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Kapha Constitution

You are an Earth Element, caring, stable and calm.

Damp cool


Kapha are the earthy, down to earth nurturers. You move more slowly and decisively and prefer more chilled out activities over physical exertion even though you have the greatest stamina of all three doshas. You are a great conservationist of money, strength and energy and are very easy to be around.

Out of balance

When Kapha is out of balance you can suffer from weight issues, slow metabolism, stuck in ruts, not being able to handle change, sinus and damp congestion issues and water retention.


Kaphas are earth water element and need to balance daily their Kapha by going against the stagnant routine. Morning time is the best to do fast workouts to get the blood moving and improve circulation.


Kapha needs warming energizing oils with a stimulating oil blend like the Ayurvanna Kapha oil Daily massaged into the body with deep vigorous fast pressure, best after a dry body brushing that stimulates the lymphatic system, as kapha has a sluggish body that is slow to release toxin build up


Kapha requires warming oils such as ginger, Rosemary, sweet orange, cove, lime

Diy face mask weekly

Kapha need a weekly mask that stimulates the skin and exfoliates, add pineapple pulp to a bowl mix in a few drops of lemon juice leave for 10 mins and rinse

Facial oil

Kapha oil

Detox bath

Fil the bath and shut the curtains or glass door to make more steam, sweating helps the body detoxify by promoting elimination of toxin build up, Kapha benefit from daily saunas, or do this detox bath if you don’t have a sauna, add a few drops The Ayurvanna Kapha Oil Blend


Kapha Everything Oil by Ayurvanna - $69


Foods that balance your Kapha

Pungent, bitter, Astringent

Foods to decrease

Sweet, sour and salty

There are six basic flavours in Ayurveda, - sweet , sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent

Sweet – carbohydrates, proteins, fat , nuts and meat

Sour – citrus, tomatoes, cheeses, salad dressing, aged fermented foods

Salty – salt, soy sauce, vegetable seasoning blends

Pungent – chili peppers

Bitter – green leafy vegs, tea , coffee, pure chocolate

Astringent – lentils, beans ect

Drinks for Kapha

Teas lemon balm, dandelion, manjo juice, carrot juice, cranberry juice, black tea


Apricot’s, apples, berries, cherries, pears, peaches, prunes, raisins,


Best cooked for Kapha, beetroot, radish ,onions, spinach, potatoes, celery, green beans, fennel, eggplant, mushroom, kale, sweet corn, turnips

Gems and crystals

Blue Kyanite, Tangerine Quartz, Citrine

Daily ritual for Kapha

Wakeup 90 mins before sun rise

Breakfast – fresh fruit

Teeth ritual – after you brush your teeth , and tongue scraped, massage your gums with ginger a pinch of rock salt

First Morning drink warm ginger tea

Shower bath routine – dry body brush all over massage the body starting from the feet up to the heart with a stimulating oil blend

Meditation daily for 20 mins in the morning

Lunch – choose Kapha diet and lay down for 15 minutes after eating on your right side

Dinner around 7pm

Sunset – walk gently in the evening’s once the sun is going down, wash you body and put on loose clothing before bed, use lavender oils In the evening with a calming tea like chamomile .

Last thoughts for a Kapha

Earth dominate Kapha need to stay active everyday, they also need to stimulate their environment threw colour, scents and movement. Trying new things and being spontaneous keeps balance out your Kapha.

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