Vata Constitution

You are an Air element, creative thinker, ready for action, high vibration and speedy

Feels the cold


You have a high temperament, are creative, pure, nervous, changeable, darting from one thing to another but often showing great thought and energy. You can learn quickly but don’t always have the best memory. You are attracted to energetic activities, competitions, constant stimulation, the flip side to this is being restless, can suffer from insomnia, overthinking, depression and anxiety. You have an abundance of energy both physical and nervous, are quick and always seem to be on the move. You have a natural interest to learn new things, spiritual, self growth and being the best versions of themselves, you can be hard and judgmental on yourself.

Out of balance

When you are out of balance you can suffer from dry skin, dizziness, overthinking, being part of the air element it is important to not partake in activities that make you light headed and more of your natural element, such as very fast aerobics. Walking and grounding yoga will ground you. Vata shouldn’t miss any meals or they will feel jittery and light headed.


Being close to the air element, you need to find grounding each day, not only with daily rituals but with many things you partake in. Windy weather will make you feel irritated and dazed, while rainy days or warmer weather will make you feel more comfortable. You need to spend as much time as possible in barefoot to feel mother earth and ground the body, laying on the grass or beach will ground and balance you. Everyday do at least 20 minutes of grounding mediation, eat earthy foods like oats, add cinnamon and focus on cooked warm foods. The best yoga for Vata is the shoulder stand, the plough and sun salutation, each 12 times slowly everyday.


Vata needs a sattvic touch that is light, calm and slow, too much pressure aggravates the Vata. At least once a week vata should have a massage. Laying on the floor is the best place for Vata to relax.


Vata air types need a calming balm for massage. Ylang ylang, patchouli, geranium, lavender, cedar wood and myrrh.


Vata is an overactive dosha, the key is to calm the emotions and restore well being. Spicy cinnamon, ginger, sensuous rose, warm liquorish, and vanilla.

Herbal DIY powder cleanser

Vata (air) is prone to dry skin. Mix one teaspoon of finely ground almonds with a pinch of castor sugar and half a teaspoon of dry milk, make into a mask and massage gently twice daily, rinse with warm water.

Facial oil

Vata oil specifically formulated for your body type

Detox bath

Fill the bath and shut the curtains or glass door to make more steam, sweating helps the body detoxify by promoting the elimination of toxin build up. Vata should try having a sauna every third day or have a detox bath if you don’t have a sauna by adding rosemary leaves/oil and drops of lemon or lime oil.

Vata Everything Oil by Ayurvanna - $69

Foods that balance your dosha

Pungent, bitter, astringent foods

Foods to decrease

Sweet, sour and salty foods

There are six basic flavours in Ayurveda - sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent

Sweet – carbohydrates, proteins, fat, nuts and meat

Sour – citrus, tomatoes, cheeses, salad dressing, aged fermented foods

Salty – salt, soy sauce, vegetable seasoning blends

Pungent – chili peppers

Bitter – green leafy vegetables, tea, coffee, pure chocolate

Astringent – lentils, beans ect

Drinks for Vata

Apricot juice, berry juices, carrot juice, ginger tea, grape juice, pineapple juice, lemonade

Teas - spearmint, rosehip, peppermint tea, chamomile


Apricots, bananas, berries, lemons, limes, plumbs, orange, peaches, strawberries, mangos, melons, coconuts, avocados, mangos, pineapples


Beetroot, courgettes, cucumber, radish, carrot, beans, onions, spinach, watercress, olives

Gems and crystals

Amethyst, rose quartz, emerald, clear quartz, Obsidian

Daily ritual for Vata

Wakeup 30 mins before sun rise

Breakfast – cooked cereals

Teeth ritual – after brushing your teeth massage your gums with sesame oil and ginger root

Drink  warm water with honey and lemon

Shower/bathing routine – massage the body starting from the feet up to the heart with The Ayurvanna Vata oil blend, in soft gentle movements to relax the mind and body, then shower using a few drops of this oil on the pulse points to take the scent with you all day.

Meditation daily for 20 mins in the morning

Lunch – choose a Vata diet and lay down for 15 minutes after eating on your right side

Dinner around 7.30pm

Sunset – wash your body and put on loose clothing before bed, use vanilla oils in the evening with a calming tea like chamomile.

Last thoughts for Vata
Vata is cold and benefits from warmth and comfort, use warming drinks on cold days. Vata needs to always keep in mind and be careful not to overdo things, gentle walking, yoga, slow swimming.
Vata is a vibration from above, it requires grounding. 
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